Welcome to Ancientwood, Ltd.

Enjoy the world’s most interesting wood.

For projects that are admired and appreciated this is the ideal material. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your project will grow more
valuable over time. There is something captivating about this wood that is a little mysterious. Ancient Kauri’s beautiful grain and natural
resins produces a shimmering iridescence that glows from within.

Ancient Kauri trees stood 50,000 years ago and now it can be yours to touch, create and admire.

This wood is brought to you to using environmentally friendly methods. Ancient Kauri is the world’s most exotic wood and not one tree was cut
down to harvest it. These trees were felled long ago by unknown natural forces. They are brought up from underground and prepared for you using
specially designed equipment.

Ancient Kauri works and behaves like modern wood, extraordinary things can happen using standard tools and techniques. We hope you enjoy it and
we look forward to hearing from you.

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