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Indigenous to New Zealand, Kauri trees are a well known and prolific tree, well documented in New Zealand’s recorded history. In the 1970’s,  a handful of giant Kauri logs (one weighing in at 140 tons) were excavated from where they were buried in the pre-glacial regions on the North Island of New Zealand. Known by the locals, these enormous Kauri trees were miraculously preserved by the oxygen depleted bogs in which they fell. “Old Growth” in the extreme sense of the term, these ancient giants have been confirmed to be 35,000 to 50,000 years old and are the distant grand parents of the Kauri trees still alive today.

President of Ancientwood and Kahiko Table
President of Ancientwood Ltd., Robert Teisberg with the Kahiko Table


Ancientwood is the preeminent global supplier and steward of Ancient Kauri lumber and finished wood products. It is owned and operated by myself, Bob Teisberg. My involvement with Ancient Kauri began in the year 2000 when I first became aware of this beautiful and historical wood. As a long-time fine furniture and cabinet maker I was immediately captivated by the Ancient Kauri story and I continue to be amazed by the brilliance, beauty and magnificence of this rarest and oldest of woods. You will find the representation of this passion in the furniture we craft and the personally selected and authenticated raw wood that we provide to the trade. We treat every piece that we touch as an heirloom because that really is the final role of Ancient Kauri. A wondrous, beautiful artifact that has traveled across time


Please take a look around on the site and, if so inclined, please reach-out to me directly. I look forward to discussing your piece of the Ancient Kauri story.

-Bob Teisberg



Rare mega curl grain characteristic seen in Ancientwood's Kahiko Table
Rare mega curl grain characteristic seen in          Ancientwood’s Kahiko Table


Thank you for your time and consideration of Ancient Kauri wood for your next project. We assure you that no matter the project, we can help find you the right selection of Kauri wood for you! The unique properties of Ancient Kauri are unmatched by any other species of wood, and we know you will not be disappointed with the beauty of Ancient Kauri. We look forward to discussing which piece of Ancient Kauri is right for you!


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