Ancient Kauri Plywood and Veneer

MegaCurl Veneer



Whitebait Veneer

whitebait_veneer_4 whitebait_veneer_3



MegaCurl Veneer



Whitebait Veneer


Ancientwood offers Ancient Kauri veneers in a variety of grain activity: MegaCurl, Whitebait, Flamed.

We can custom-cut veneers for your project, or you can purchase from our current inventory.

We collaborate with a local plywood manufacturer and can put Ancient Kauri on whatever substrate you can imagine! The photos above illustrate our MegaCurl Veneers on aluminum panels.

Plywood Examples:


Plywood #1 W-light background


Plywood is available in common thicknesses and very stable substraits.
You can see what a stunning affect we can create by slip-matching our plywood.



Veneer Examples:

They are available as individual leaves or as “books.”
The grain is fine and clear with no knots or bark inclusions.
The veneers have a lovely gentle movement and character to the grain.
All have areas where the iridescent qualities will “shine through” when finished!


veneer_2015-a veneer_2015-f veneer_2015-i veneer_2015-j veneer_2015-m veneer_2015-p







We have thousands of square feet of Certified Ancient Kauri Veneer ready to ship right now.
We are ready to custom cut to suit your special requests.Veneers are available at 1/32nd of an inch thick, and are 9″ wide and ten feet long.
More galleries at these links (Click on Pic!)



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