Coloring Ancient Kauri Wood

Up until recently, when staining, we preferred to use an alcohol-based
dye to color the Ancient Kauri. But that has now changed. One of our
favorite finishes is called Rubio Monocoat. While we usually use “Pure”,
Rubio Monocoat is available is a number of color options. What we really
like about this finish is the subtle color changes possible without
detracting from the attributes of the Ancient Kauri that we love so much.

Regarding the two samples: One piece is finished with our typical
“Pure”, that is, no color in the finish. The second piece I used “Olive”
colored oil on the larger portion, and on the edge of the sample I used
Coral Red, Emerald, and Charcoal. You can see the grain continues to be
completely visible and quite beautiful. The iridescence is very
prominent in both samples, as you can see in the video clip.

The samples are posted here

There is a video located of the same samples here

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