Current Projects

Welcome to our current projects page! We are proud to showcase some of our recent projects here in order to keep all of you in the loop on the happenings at Ancientwood Ltd. In this gallery you will see some of the amazing items, ideas, and concepts that we are able to bring to life at our shop, and you have the chance to have your own item seen here. All you have to do is contact us today and arrange for us to begin working on our next project, and your next heirloom! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Recently completed, this table is one of the more unique builds to come from Ancientwood Ltd.

This top is full of detail and displays the 50,000 year old Ancient Kauri wood in a beautiful manner.

Bobby'sTable1  Bobby'sTable3 Bobby'sTable4


With amazing chatoyance, this beautiful table was recently finished in our shop and will be on its way to the customer in the near future!


Ancientwood just completed the finishing on a tabletop that nature began 50,000 years ago!

At 14 feet long and 4 1/2 feet wide, the Ancient Kauri wood is giving us all thrills!

This commissioned piece is headed to Texas soon!


We are pleased to say that the newest order of Ancient Kauri is now in shop at Ancientwood Ltd. We are currently preparing this wood for use by customers, but you can contact us today and inquire about this shipment of Ancient Kauri. This order contains some of the rarest and most beautiful pieces of Ancient Kauri ever to be in our shop, and we are very excited to have the honor of working with this wood. More information on this shipment, including photos, can be found here.

We have the first footage of this shipment can now be seen here! This film showcases the rarest selections of Ancient Kauri ever to be brought into the Ancientwood shop.



A very unusual table fabricated by the hands at Ancientwood Ltd.

This table is one of our favorites and truly shows off the unique properties of the Ancient Kauri. Rested on a stump base, this circular table was a true test of our skills and talent with unbelievable end results. For more images of this build and the end results of this table please refer to the gallery here. This was an incredibly fun build and we are proud to have crafted such an amazing piece right here in house!











We are proud to be seen at the gallery at Distinctive Design in Sheboygan Falls, WI. Our beautiful Sweepbay table will be there on display, and we encourage you to check out their website for more information about them as well!









Our latest table destined for New Delhi, India!

Here is a shot of the beautiful grain pattern on our latest table headed to New Delhi, India! This is a beautiful example of how active the grain patterns are in Ancient Kauri! More pictures to come as we finish up this table and get it shipped off!









Here is a photo gallery of the finished table heading to New Delhi! We are very pleased with the results, and found this piece to be a great example of what Ancient Kauri wood can look like when finished.








  Gallery of photos

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