Changes ahead for Ancientwood!


This is your last call to own one of the most exotic and rare treasures on earth.


The winds of change and new political realities in New Zealand have prompted us to re-examine our approach to providing Ancient Kauri to our clients.

When I first saw Ancient Kauri in the year 2000, I watched massive amounts of this natural treasure being burned and destroyed to improve access to land for agriculture and road improvements. Very few people in New Zealand – or anywhere else in the world – had any regard for this rare, special wood.

Seventeen years later, due to our efforts, the world now holds a well-deserved reverence for Ancient Kauri wood. Today, New Zealanders recognize that these fantastic buried trees have intrinsic value, and there is an understandable concern about this rare resource leaving their country.

These changes, alongside the reality that our customers hail from all over the world, have caused us to reconsider whether it still makes sense for us to export Ancient Kauri wood from New Zealand. Moving forward, Ancientwood will no longer import raw Ancient Kauri slabs and timbers to the United States. Our current inventory will be offered to our distinguished clients as it has been for the last 15 years. With each new project, the remaining supply of Ancient Kauri available in North America will increase in both rarity and value.

Eventually, Ancientwood will move production to New Zealand, where we will offer our beautiful Ancient Kauri products by commission only. These pieces will be sold finished; we will no longer offer unfinished Ancient Kauri.

We are excited about our future, and seeing you there!

– Robert Teisberg

Among the notable material that we have available now is the 40 foot table slab. It is extremely unlikely the world will ever see a piece of Ancient Kauri like this being offered on the open market.

Photos of the bookmatched “sister-slab” to this forty-footer:

IMG_2723 copy




An incredible 18 foot slab.

Eighteen Footer! A BEAUTIFUL Massive Slab!




The infamous MegaCurl.

 MegaCurl is $300 per board foot.                    This is the rarest of the rare – SPRING 2015!

We found an amazing log in New Zealand a couple of years ago that is providing the most incredible MegaCurl we have EVER seen! If the MegaCurl interests you, you should get it now. I do not think we will ever see another supply like this. In thirty years in the Ancient Kauri business, this is the first find like this. Are you wondering what the amazing MegaCurl is? Look at the links posted below- you will see how amazing it is.

Links to MegaCurl photos and videos:
Kahiko Table – MegaCurl!

Beautiful MegaCurl Piece on the Workbench

Raw Ancient Kauri MegaCurl Timber

MegaCurl Bench Video

Super-Thin Slice of MegaCurl – Your next guitar?

MegaCurl in the Sunlight


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