How to Order

Ordering is easy, just give us a call. You’ll get a real live person who is in a good mood. We take your order the old fashioned way, we talk to you one to one. We’re a small American company based out of northern Wisconsin and we enjoy what we do. We’ll ask questions and make suggestions to make sure you get just the wood you want. If you do leave a message we’ll get back to you before noon on the next business day.

Please feel free to call or email.

Call 888-201-7544

Thank you,
The folks at Ancient Wood

For each order we will need:

  1. 1. The quantity, dimensions, and characteristics of the wood for your project. We’ll help you sort this out so you get exactly what you want.
  2. 2. Shipping information: name, shipping address, phone number and email.
  3. 3. Payment information: name, shipping address, phone number and email, credit card, name, number and expiration date.

    With every order you get:

    1. The hand signed Certificate of Authenticity for the wood included
    2. A full color brochure telling the story of the Ancient Kauri
    3. Sanding, finishing and care suggestions

    All orders will be filled with DRY Ancient Kauri with a moisture content between 6% and 10%.

    Most orders are custom cut, which means you are not paying for anything extra.

    Additional services we offer; design, fabrication, cutting, flattening, sanding, finishing, and all milling services.

    We accept payment by major Credit Cards, Pay Pal, Money Order, or Wire Transfer.

    How to Calculate Board Feet

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