Ancient Kauri and LEEDS Credits

Ancient Kauri presents a number of excellent opportunities for LEED* credits in New Construction or Major Renovations. It can be used as (but not limited to): Material for beams and posts, flooring, paneling, doors and frames, cabinetry and furniture, and decorative items.

Ancient Kauri can provide up three credits in the following classifications:

Credit 3.1:  Materials Reuse, 5%

Credit 3.2:  Materials Reuse, 10%

[refer to pages 48, 49 of Materials and Resources, LEED of New Construction Rating System v2.2, U.S. Green Building Council ]


Using our Low-Emitting Coatings on the Ancient Kauri:

Credit 4.2: Low-Emitting Materials

[refer to page 67, Indoor Environmental Quality section, LEED of New Construction Rating System v2.2, U.S. Green Building Council ]

Let Ancientwood provide you with an alternative to typically harvested exotic veneers.

Truly unique and stunningly beautiful: Ancient Kauri should be used in areas where quality and dignity are a must. It will illustrate your concern for our environment and be an unequaled thought provoking display of longevity.


We have production-orientated supply with project sourcing “from the log to you”. Due to the enormous size of the logs, the grain, color tones and dimensions can be matched to your exact specifications resulting in products you will not find anywhere else in the industry today.

Your project is important to us and we hope to hear from you soon.


* Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a program by the

U. S. Green Building Council

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