General pricing

  • Flat sawn grain.
  • Active grain.
  • Quarter sawn.
  • Flamed grain.
  • Whitebait!
  • MegaCurl!
  • Price increases depending on thickness, grain activity, exceptionally flamed, burled or quarter sawn.
  • Due to limited availability please call for current pricing.

Our stock is rough cut, planning is available at our normal shop rate of $45 per hour.

  • Standard board thicknesses are 1 inch, 2 inches, 2 1/2 inches, and 3 inches.
  • Very large boards up to 7 feet wide and 40 feet long for big projects.
  • Timbers and boards with natural edges make beautiful tables and fire place mantles.
  • Natural edged freeform slabs cut from the root section of the tree make stunning tables and accent pieces.
  • Large and small blocks for turning and carving, you can order grain that is wild or mild.

Ancient Kauri millwork is machined to industry standard specs. You can get, wainscoting, flooring, molding, plywood, and veneers.

PS. We have put together some sample bundles of wood if you simply want to try some out.

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With every order you get:

  • The hand signed Certificate of Authenticity for the wood included
  • A full color brochure telling the story of the Ancient Kauri
  • Sanding, finishing and care suggestions

We accept payment by major Credit Cards, Pay Pal, or money order.

How to Calculate Board Feet

How to Order Wood

The wood that comes from the trunk of the Ancient Kauri tree is often straight grain very clear and easy to work. Some of these trees are up to twenty feet across which gives us some extraordinarily huge boards to work with. These are the largest pieces of wood available on the planet today.

These trees also have deep root systems. This is where the wildest wood comes from.

Ancient Kauri cuts and finishes just like regular wood. For more info about working Ancient Kauri please visit the Woodworkers Page.

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