Ancient Kauri Extraction

This is filmed in New Zealand and shows how the Ancient Kauri is extracted.

Ancient Kauri Mega-Curl Bench



Ancient Kauri Stunning



Ancient Kauri Mega-Curl Description


Beautiful 33 Foot Long Ancient Kauri Boardroom Table


Ancient Kauri Veneer

Kauri Active Grain in a Mantle


Ancient Kauri Flamed Quarter Sawn

The shimmer or satin in this piece is extraordinary.

Whitebait Grain Shimmer

The white flecks in this wood makes it a very rare and desirable piece. Those white flecks or streaks are called ‘whitebait’ after schools of small silver fish that swim in the Pacific Ocean.

Ancient Kauri Mega Curl

To get this pop in the wood takes a little extra time and attention to careful sanding.

Ancient Kauri Active Grain

The satin shimmer is very pronounced in this piece.

Ancient Kauri Plywood

With Ancient Kauri plywood you get stunning beauty and excellent stability. This opens up wonderful possibilities to get matching grains across big surfaces. We can slip match or bookmatch beautiful highly figured Ancient Kauri.

The Ancient Kauri is very carefully cut into a long thin sheet. It is then bonded to stable high grade plywood or mdf substraits. We make plywood in standard American sizes and thickness.

Ancient Kauri Mega Curl #2

More beautiful shimmer here.

Ancient Kauri Large Table Top

Vineyard 7 & 8 is the proud owner of what was the largest single piece of wood that was available in the United States. The 20-foot slab was flattened, filled, sanded, oiled and waxed to become a beautiful table made a single piece of wood.

The table was finished with organic linseed oil followed by an organic linseed oil/beeswax polish. The end result is a very durable velvet finish on a timeless piece. Vinyard 7 & 8 invites you to visit and enjoy a glass of wine on the oldest wood in the world.

Modern Marvels – The Lumberyard

From the TV show “Modern Marvels”, a little about Ancient Kauri and a few words from Robert Teisberg.

Whitebait Wood Grain

See the shimmer in the grain known as whitebait. This iridescence is unique to Ancient Kauri.



50,000 years of the Best! Ancient Kauri



Large Piece of Ancient Kauri wood- very unique shape!


Ancient Kauri Large Table Top


A Great Example of Ancient Kauri!


An Extreme Home Makeovers Episode Featuring One Of Our Tables!

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