What is Mega-Curl?

MegaCurl-5 copy

Simply the rarest and most beautiful wood in the world!

The unique grain, known as mega-curl, seen in particular pieces of wood creates waves that make the surface of the table appear three-dimensional even though it’s flat. The wave effect is exceptionally rare in Ancient Kauri and is not found in any other species of wood. We recently had a shipment of Ancient Kauri arrive to us, and included in this shipment is some of the most beautiful examples of Mega-Curl to ever be unearthed.

The Kahiko Table by Ancientwood Ltd.

Kahiko Table 1_Web and projection

Examples of MegaCurl Veneer put onto Aluminum panels:

megacurlveneer1 megacurlveneer2

If The MegaCurl interests you, you should get it now. You will never see another supply like this. In thirty years in the Ancient Kauri business, this is the first find like this. Are you wondering what the amazing MegaCurl is? Look at the links posted below- you will see how amazing it is!

Links to MegaCurl videos:

Beautiful MegaCurl Piece on the Workbench                                                                                                                                        MegaCurl Picture Galleries

MegaCurl Bench Video                                                                                                                                                                                Ancientwood MegaCurl Timber Photos

Super-Thin Slice of MegaCurl – Your next guitar?                                                                                                      The rarest Ancient Kauri table ever constructed

MegaCurl in the Sunlight

Ancientwood’s MegaCurl Timber

Ancientwood MegaCurl Sample


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