What is “Whitebait”?

Whitebait refers to the extreme iridescent qualities of the grain in the Ancient Kauri where this activity is found.whitebaitgrainexample_2

Whitebait is very interesting, quite beautiful, and quite rare.

The name Whitebait comes from a similar sight that is seen in schools of small fish (Whitebait fish) that swim in the sub-tropical ocean near to where the Ancient Kauri trees are recovered. As schools of Whitebait fish swim, the brilliant shimmer of light one second, that disappears, and shimmer of light again is exactly what is seen in the Whitebait grain of the Ancient Kauri wood.

white_bait_example_4This beautiful, powerfully iridescent grain activity is an interesting confluence in the grain of the wood. Satin-like cords of grain with subtle shading of color tones makes this a highly sought after characteristic, found only in Ancient Kauri wood.

A couple of Whitebait veneers – in-the-rough (no sanding or finsh- raw wood veneer):

whitebait_veneer_3 whitebait_veneer_4


Whitebait is very rare, is difficult to dry, and thus is expensive. Considered the Best of the Best, pricing ranges from $100.00 per board foot to $60.00 per board foot, depending on the size of the order and the amount of Whitebait activity in the piece itself.

Please contact us for additional information on this fantastic opportunity to purchase some of this incredible and rare wood.

We have done our best to illustrate the fantastic feature in this wood, but the iridescent characteristic of the Whitebait grain is extremely difficult to photograph: the very iridescence that makes it so exceptional tends to fool the image-capturing capabilities of digital cameras. We have captured it as best we can on both still and video camera.

Links to Ancient Kauri Whitebait Videos

A trio of Ancient Kauri Tops

Ancient Kauri Table One

Whitebait Table Two

Rare example of MegaCurl with Whitebait



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