Why Ancientwood?

Your order is shipped from our northern Wisconsin location. The Ancient Kauri wood you are ordering is presently in the USA and has already been inspected at the border by the US Department of Agriculture. There is no danger of your order being confiscated and destroyed at the border! We are 100% legal and licensed importers for North America- The only supplier within North America. We bring the wood into the US soaking wet, and kiln dry the wood here in the USA to a moisture content of 8%. We are the only ones in world to kiln dry the Ancient Kauri!

We have been seen in Magazines:  Fine Woodworking, Dwell, Journal of Light Construction, Woodworks Crafts, Timber Homes Illustrated, Woodshop News, American Woodworker, Woodworkers Journal, many daily newspapers, and the wonderful book A Splintered History of Wood, by Spike Carlsen.

Order with confidence that our material is as described. If there are any problems they can be addressed promptly from a US-owned company with an abundance of inventory to back up our commitment to service.We strive for customer satisfaction, and should you ever have questions about an order, we are here to help you!

Each piece comes to you with an official signed Certificate of Authenticity and a color brochure telling the Ancient Kauri story!


We are proud to say that we have sold to over 42 countries world wide! As you can see, your location is no obstacle to us and we are happy to discuss shipping options with you. As seen on this map, our Ancient Kauri is a global sensation, and as you can see from our photos, its no wonder why.


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