The Kahiko Table


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The 42-by-94 inch Kahiko (Ancient One) table is one of the most unique and expensive tables ever created.
The unique grain, known as MegaCurl, seen in this particular piece of wood creates waves that make the surface of the table appear three-dimensional even though it’s flat. The wave effect is exceptionally rare in Ancient Kauri and is not found in any other species of wood.

The base of the table is as unique as the wood itself.  The compositely engineered wood and carbon fiber base is a sculpted design that “offers” the two book-matched pieces of polished Ancient Kauri to the viewer.

Please view our press release above on the Ancientwood Kahiko table.

32″ tall x 42″ x 94″

80cm tall x 107cm x 239cm


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Dimensions 94 x 42 x 32 in
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